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The Latin name for the wasp is Vespula vulgaris which comes from the origin of the word vulgaris which means 'rude and violent', and Vespa meaning 'Loud annoying buzzing moped'. This species has many synonyms such as the 'common wasp','stripy bastard', and 'F@%&*ng thing!'.

The wasp is a genius of aggressive stinging flying insect specifically evolved to make itself even more angry by bumping into windows, half-drowning in sugary drinks, and burning itself on your hot chips in a pub beer garden.

Their habitats vary by latitude. Soft Southern wasps make crap papery nests underneath the roof slates of houses, and live on a diet of dropped Mr Whippy's, half-sucked callipos, and lager. Hardier Northern wasps live in the open air beneath tables in pub gardens and feed on strong cider and cigarette ends.

Wasps are exploited commercially in the same manner as bees to make lemon curd