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Wales (Welsh pronunciation; "Chhhh") is located to the left side of England. The name Wales literally means 'To the Left Side of England'

Good things about Wales

  1. The scenery is beautiful
  2. There is rich vibrant ancient culture
  3. There are hardly and Scousers in the bottom half
  4. The roads are all twisty and there are no Edinboro Woolen Mills, so caravanners don't go there.

Bad things about Wales

  1. Everything slopes because of the mountains.
  2. Even the locals can't pronounce place names.
  3. It rains a lot, so because of #1, there are epic puddles, and you get splashed as cars go past.
  4. Dragons pooing on your wing mirrors


Rhyl university: Famous for it's world-renowned Faculty of Dead Hard Sums, in 2014 a successful bid for Lottery funding resulted in the university creating a new Talacre campus, specialising in research into Long Division.