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The *darknet* is a hidden marketplace where counterfeit and grey-market goods are offered for sale at below-market prices.

In the UK, Darknet comprises Wilco, Home Bargains, and Pound-Stretcher. These shadowy retailers offer addictive substances such as Terry's Chocolate Oranges, or a Yard of Jaffa Cakes for as little as £1. Hard drugs like Lemsip Max Flu Strength and Head'n'Shoulders Medicated anti-dandruff shampoo can be bought without prescription.

Purchases are paid for in *BitCoin*; a street term for spare change in coin form (see shrapnel, slummy, coppers, odds, etc).

Users of the Darknet often *encrypt* their purchases, travelling to Wales, where for example the 'CEREALS' aisle is labelled 'GRAWNFWYDYDD' so that government snoops are unable to tie a breakfast purchase to an individual, and lecture them about getting more fibre in their diet.