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English Currency

English currency is the crumpet (symbol C). The crumpet is divided into smaller denominations as follows:

1 crumpet = 2 pikelets

1 pikelet = 2 scones or 4 pikelets to one scone

1 scone = 4 biscuits, or 16 biscuits to one scone

One US dollar is currently worth 7 crumpets, 3 pikelets, and a biscuit, denoted C7/3-1

Scottish Currency

Scottish currency is produced in Scotland in matching denominations to English currency. Scottish currency is not legal in England or Wales, despite what those sneaky Scots will tell you.

1 crumpet = 2 Scotch Pancakes

2 Scotch pancakes = 2 tattie scones

1 tattie scone = a muckle o'shortbreads

Welsh currency

Wales uses English currency, but there is a propensity for Welsh banks to add currants to all denominations.


Crumpets are created from muffins which are sliced in half, and then drilled repeatedly to create hundreds of holes.