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The French Bean is a herbicidal annual plant grown worldwide and commonly added to meals to lower the diner's enjoyment.

The French Bean's botanical name; Phaseolus vulgaris translates to; 'Squeaky tubes of sadness'. The first mention in literature of French Beans was a recommendation by famous Greek know-it-all Plinny the Elder (b 1066AD) '...for their tiresome squeaking and lack of tayste rendereth any repast less edible, and so guards against gluttony'.

Varieties of bean

The genus Phaseolus Vulgaris comprises:the French bean, the Kidney bean, and the Baked bean. All are germinated from the same bean seed; the ultimate form of the bean is determined by the medium used to germinate and grow the bean seed.

Method of producing the three bean varieties

Baked Beans being propagated from seed in a Hydroponic Tomato Sauce growth medium
French Beans being forced to grow in dirt
How Phaseolus Vulgaris are grown
Bean Type Growth Medium
French Bean Dirty Soil with all worms in it
Kidney Bean Chilli
Baked Bean Tomato Sauce